The Best of Isn’t Life Terrible

Simply reading Isn’t Life Terrible? in chronological order, or dipping in at random, can be a wonderfully entertaining experience. But if you’re looking for its highlights, check out these favorites of ours. Happily, there are lots of them.

News From the Future — A Report on Film Restoration as of January 1, 2150 (August 2007)

Patty is Dead, You’re Billie Now (September 2007)

Bobby Driscoll, 1937-1968 (October 2007)

In Search of the Shaggs — 25th Anniversary Edition (November 2007)

Fixing Rampant Children’s Hour Confusion (November 2007)

Educational Cigarettes Tech Film Production (December 2007)

Educational Cigarettes Teach Film Production — Part 2 (December 2007)

Donald Duck and His Crappy Cars (December 2007)

Model Toy Misfires: How Do You Follow “The Visible Woman?” (December 2007)

Shameless Hucksterism and Misinformation by Davy Jones of “The Monkees” (December 2007)

Good Humor Ice Cream, Part 1 (December 2007)

Good Humor, Part 2: Oh, Those Bells! (December 2007)

Good Humor, Part 3 (December 2007)

Good Humor, Part 4 (December 2007)

J. Gadsby and J. Gatsby (December 2007)

Dormant Dionne Virus Flares (January 2008)

Dionnes, Part 2 (January 2008)

The Dionnes, Part 3 (January 2008)

Suzanne Pleshette at Disneyland (January 2008)

Soupy’s On! WNEW-TV, March 1965 (February 2008)

Put It There, Pal — A Dog’s Life in Hollywood (February 2008)

You’ve Seen the Movie… (March 2008)

The Search for Annette’s Secret Passage (May 2008)

Strangely Similar Music (May 2008)

The Two Charley Chases (June 2008)

Jolly Bill and His Janes, Muriel and Peggy: Bigger Than Howdy Doody and Far More Forgotten (June 2008)

What a Mouth on That “Tippi” Hedren in “Marnie” (July 2008)

More Crappy Disney Vehicles (September 2008)

Richard Roffman — Broadway Danny Rose Incarnate (October 2008)

Ten Things Old Toys Teach Us (December 2008)

The Mousketeers (and a Moosketeer) on Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow Show, 1975 (February 2009)

Video: Walt Disney Interviewed by Fletcher Markle (February 2009)

Video: The Secret Life of Walt Disney (February 2009)

Infinite Number of Monkeys at Typewriters Finally Give Up on Hamlet; Now Working on Reviews of Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” (February 2009)

The Big Picture in Bank Robberies and Animation Art (February 2009)

How I Hacked the OS of My First Computer and How It Changed My Life (August 2009)

Really Trivial Music Trivia Quiz (September 2009 — the only one of Don’s quizzes which is currently operable, alas)

An eBay Horror Story — Oh, I am in SO Much Trouble (November 2009)

The Cantorial Tradition in the Music of Laurel and Hardy and Our Gang? (December 2009)

Alfred Hitchcock’s Flirtation With the Top Ten (January 2010)

Oh Dad Poor Dad (November 2010)

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