Mark Evanier wrote, "Every website ought to have an article about Soupy Sales."

Speaking as a Charter Member of The Soupy Sales Society, I agree.

I attended a broadcast of the show many years ago. I took the photos below, and they've never been published prior to their appearance here. Feel free to download them for your own use, but please ask permission before re-publishing them.
  Soupy Talks  WNEW-TV
Photo � Don Brockway

Here it is - the reason kids who grew up with Soupy love Soupy. He was real, he was live... and he talked directly to us.
  Soupy and Pookie On-Air at WNEW-TV
Photo � Don Brockway

That's Eli, the stage manager, at right. When the crew's laughter became too raucous, Soupy would say, "Cool, it, Eli!"

Over forty years later, when things are being said that she doesn't want to hear, my mother says "Cool it, Eli." And she has no idea whatsoever where she picked up the phrase.
  Soupy Prepares for a Buster Brown Shoe Ad  WNEW-TV
Photo � Don Brockway

"Right here, in Buster Brown's new coloring book, 'Buster and Tige Go To The Circus.'"
  Soupy On-Air at WNEW-TV
Photo Don Brockway
Frank Nastasi (at left, holding script) provides the voice of the radio announcer "live."

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